A wide choice of methods to optimize the intervention

My professional curiosity has led me to deepen various therapeutic techniques in order to provide my client with the most complete vision of the human mind and how it works.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In the wide panorama of different approaches to psychology it is not easy to find the right one. But there is one of all that stands out for practicality and effectiveness. Here's some information to start making some clarity.

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Everyone has experienced the pressures we are subjected to on a daily basis, and therefore feeling stressed, tense or having reached the limit. Fortunately there is a solution, because it is by changing our attitude that we will make a difference.

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Mindful Eating

Many of us pay little attention to what they are doing when they eat. We often eat while doing other things like checking the phone or looking at the computer, or we eat only because there is food or we are in company.

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ACT o Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Why do we think happiness is a state to feel all the time? Why do we believe that psychological "normality" is a reality that unites humanity when it is the other way around? Why are we surprised by suffering when it is part of life?

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Compassion Focused Therapy

Why has the word compassion taken such a negative connotation as pity, when its etymology means something else entirely? In fact, from the Latin cum - together, patior - to suffer, that is to suffer with, to be with the suffering of others or one's own.

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