07 August 2021

5 ways to use meditation at work

Mindfulness : when you come to start your next task in your working day, attempt to focus solely on that task… You will experience your attention ...

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10 July 2021

9 types of overthinking

Everyone happens to get trapped in their own thoughts, let's see specifically which ones can put us in more difficulty.

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26 June 2021

How Mindfulness affects our brain

Here are some of the benefits of mindfulness on our brains.

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05 June 2021

Two small techniques for anxious moments

Some little practical exercises to help us in times of difficulty.

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22 May 2021

Healthy perspective on emotions

Being emotional is seen by some as a bad thingh, a weakness, byt whether we like it or not we alla have emotions and it is healthier to accept that we are emotional beings.

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03 May 2021

4 ways to cultivate self-compassion

Self-compassion or kindness towards oneself is a concept that is interpreted in different ways.

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